Vinha de Púcaros

Vinha de Púcaros, Touriga Nacional, 2018

The Vinha de Púcaros Touriga Nacional 2018 is produced with a selection of grapes from the Touriga Nacional grape variety from the vineyards of Quinta do Paço. It is a monovarietal wine, 100% of the Touriga Nacional variety, one of the noblest grape varieties in the Dão region.
Aged 9 months in French oak barrels and had at least 18 months in bottle after bottling.

Winemaker Pedro Pereira’s Tasting Notes:
The wine Vinha de Púcaros Touriga Nacional has a garnet color. Complex aroma, with violet notes, pine caruma and spices.





Marcelo Copello awarded 90 points to the Vinha de Púcaros Touriga Nacional vintage 2015 wine.
According to Marcelo Copello: “Garnet color. Aroma of very ripe red fruit, jam, caramel, vanilla, wood. On the palate, good body, soft, sweet tannins, ready, 13.5% alcohol, good acidity. A Touriga Nacional, expressive and typical of the caste.”