Quinta do Paço

The history of this estate dates back to the 12th century

Quinta do Paço

Quinta do Paço, with 27 ha, 15 ha of vineyards, which grow in terraces with the very typical Dão autochthonous grape varieties and an olive grove in organic production.

The property, in addition to the rehabilitated old house, has an old chapel built in honor of Nossa Senhora da Encarnação. The origin of Quinta do Paço is linked to the history of the region and to the illustrious Mello family and to a legend involving King D. João II and the old nobleman who welcomed him there.

On one of the walks, when offering a pitcher of fresh water from the fountain to El-Rei, the old nobleman dropped the  clay pitcher (púcaro in PT), being mocked by the entourage that accompanied them. But soon D. João silenced them by defending him, remembering the nobleman’s bravery and dedication, asking: “Which will be of more value, holding a clay pitcher of water in peacetime or raising a sword in wartime ground?”

This is how the Vinha de Púcaros brand was born, whose wines are born in this Quinta do Paço, in Nespereira, in Gouveia.

The history dates back to the 12th century