Quinta do Paço

The history of this estate dates back to the 12th century

Quinta do Paço

The Quinta do Paço with 27 hectares, has 15 hectares of vineyards with the indigenous varieties typical of Dão and an olive grove in organic production mode. Besides the old rehabilitated house, the property has an ancient chapel lifted in honor of Nª Sª da Encarnação. Its origin goes back to a story that involves El-Rei Dom João II and the noble of the land that here received him.

On one of the walks, when offering a bowl of fresh water from the fountain of property, to El-Rei, the old noble dropped the bowl, being mocked by the entourage that accompanied El-Rei. But Dom João told them to shut up in his defense, remembering the noble’s courage and dedication, asking: “Which is more valuable, sustaining a bowl of water in peacetime or raising a sword on war soil?”

Our brand Vinha de Púcaros, and their wines, are born in this Quinta do Paço, in the surroundings of Gouveia.

The history dates back to the 12th century