In memory of Américo Seabra

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In memory of Américo Seabra

Casa Américo  was born from Américo Seabra’s dream of producing wines that express his homeland, Vila Nova de Tazem, situated in the sub-region of Serra da Estrela, region of Dão.  This is one of the most distinctive Dão’s terroirs where noble wines with an unique freshness and elegance are produced.

When he emigrated to the United States, in 1967,  took his wife and his six children, but his heart always belonged to Portugal. Around year 2000,  he returns to Portugal to fulfill his dream of producing wines in these mountainous lands. In 2009, the son’s decided that they should support and fulfill their father’s dream.  Casa Américo was founded.

Honor, Mr. Américo Seabra’s memory, producing wines that express the region and that simultaneously develop and enhance it, it’s the Casa Américo mission.

This hat was Américo Seabra’s trademark, as it is today on Casa Américo’s labels.