Casa Américo

The family, the traditions, and the love for the vineyards and their lands were the pillars of Américo Seabra. Are also the pillars that stand for the values our Casa Américo brand. Discover our wines.

Casa Américo, Jaen, 2020

This 100% Jaen wine from Casa Américo Jaen comes from a 50-year-old vineyard in Vila Nova de Tazem, in the Dão region, sub-region of Serra da Estrela, Portugal. The Jaen variety, traditional from Dão, was once predominant, then fell into disgrace and was abandoned, uprooted, but today it has regained its space in Dão.
Without aging in wood, this wine aims to highlight the unique characteristics of the variety, its elegance and freshness.
This Casa Américo Jaen 2020 has an ruby color. Subtle aroma with red fruit notes such as strawberries and raspberries. The palate is elegant with a nice acidity and very round tannins.





Gold Medal in Best Wines of Dão to Casa Américo Jaen, vintage 2020.



91 points and BEST BUY  to Casa Américo Jaen, vintage 2019, by Wine Enthusiast.  Roger Voss tasting: “The dense wine with its tannins and bold flavors comes from Jaen, one of the local grapes of the Dão. Its dark fruits, black plums and spice are still developing”. +Info .


88 points were awarded to Casa Américo Jaen, vintage 2016, by Robert Parker in Wine Advocate magazine.



The 2015 vintage by Casa Américo Jean received 89 points awarded in Wine Enthusiast magazine.
Citing Roger Voss, Casa Américo Jaen (also known as Spanish Mencía) is one of the grapes that make up a standard blend in the Dão region. It produced a wine rich in tannins that depends on its generous black fruits for its success. This is an old style, with a bit of bitterness and also a dry richness. Drink now.    + Info


The 2014 vintage classified Casa Américo Jean with 90 points awarded in Wine Enthusiast magazine.
According to Roger Voss  Casa Américo Jean, is known as Mencia in Spain, this variety has already established itself in the Dão region of Portugal. It gives a smooth wine, with low acidity and rich in black fruits. It presents a lot of almost sweet fruit, ripe tannins and a round and smooth aftertaste. Drink now  + Info


The 2013 vintage of Casa Américo Jaen received 91 points awarded by KM, in the Wine Spectator magazine.

Tasting notes of Casa Américo Jaen according to KM, “Powerfully fruity, with red plum, raspberry and dark currant flavors, backed by fresh acidity and firm tannins. Bittersweet chocolate notes show midpalate, leading to porcino accents on the finish.”+Info


The 2013 vintage of Casa Américo Jean received 87 points awarded in Wine Enthusiast magazine.

According to Roger Voss, Casa Américo Jean is split into two portions, this wine fermented in an open press is structured and still tannic. Shows the firm character of Jaen grape without aging in oak. Wild berries will grow larger as the wine develops. 2018 drink.  + Info


Robert Parker awarded 87 points to Casa Américo Jaen, vintage 2013, in Wine Advocate magazine.