Casa Américo in the Grandes Escolhas

Casa Américo in the Grandes Escolhas

The Casa Américo Wines team received Luis Lopes and Grandes Escolhas, one of the most important Portuguese wine magazines. The result stands out new , in the magazine Grandes Escolhas de Agosto 2023, nº 76.

It was a full day. We visited the vineyards, did the technical tasting of the wines and ended everyone at the table, where the wine accompanied some of the typical delicacies of the region. Throughout the day, the conversation flowed very smoothly and naturally.

If it was a pleasure to share our history, share what moves us, share our vineyards, our wines, it was also a pleasure to leaf through the magazine and realize how well we are represented in the writing of Luis Lopes. The article includes tasting notes for the following wines:

Casa Américo Reserva White 2020

Casa Américo Encruzado,  White 2021

Casa Américo, 625mts, White 2020

Casa Américo, Edições Limitadas, Pelicular White , 2021

Vinha de Púcaros, Encruzado,White  2020

Casa Américo Rose 2021

Casa Américo Reserva red 2018

Casa Américo Jaen red 2016

Casa Américo Alfrocheiro red 2018

Casa Américo Touriga Nacional red 2016

Casa Américo, 625mts, red 2019

Casa Américo, Edições Limitadas, Vinhas Centenárias, 2018

Since 2009, when the company was founded, our path has been one of growth, marked by an evolution of the vineyards, the wines, the team, the brands, in short, all areas. We consider that we still have much more to achieve, but we are undoubtedly proud of what we have already achieved!

We thank Luis Lopes and Grandes Escolhas for visiting and for the article.


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